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Some conversations are easier than others. When it comes to discussing care options, many of us find it difficult.

Emotions are running high; you are juggling family and work commitments, and time is of the essence.

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Promedica24 is Cheshire’s leading live-in care specialist. If this is right for your loved one, we can handle everything, giving you a first-class care solution and peace of mind with no hassle.

Loving care in your own home

For many people, the thought of leaving their homes when they become ill or infirm courses great distress.

Their idea of the alternative is having carers popping in and out during the day, which for many people isn’t enough.

There is another way. Live-in care

Being able to stay in your own home with someone on-hand twenty-four hours a day for companionship, to administer medication or deal with more complex care needs can make life so much easier for everyone concerned.

The recipient gets the required attention, and you are reassured that they are being looked after and kept safe.

When a carer lives in, you want to know that the person has been vetted appropriately. They need the right qualifications, experience, and personality for the job.

You also want consistency. You don’t want a stranger turning up each day. We ensure our carers are with you for at least six weeks at a time, allowing them to form a bond and establish trust.

“A light at the darkest time…”

Promedica24 provided us with a carer to look after my father towards the end of his terminal cancer. The carer was genuinely so kind and concerned for Dad and she definitely made the end of his life more bearable. Dad and the carer became good friends and the atmosphere in our house was significantly lifted even though it was a very hard time for everyone.

We didn’t have any experience with 24 hour care and Dad was particularly apprehensive at first, but the level of care he required was rapidly increasing and we were determined to keep him in his home as long as possible. Promedica24 helped us understand the procedure, expectations, requirements, etc from the very beginning and we felt confident in our decision after the first meeting.

As a family, we strongly believe that Dad’s carer came to us at our darkest time and helped all of us in her own way.

We were devastated when we lost Dad, but we take great comfort in knowing we made the right decision for him regarding care.

In a situation like ours, I would strongly recommend 24 hour care through Promedica24.

Not just live-in care but Care Quality Commission-registered top-quality care

Promedica24’s live-in care service is fully regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission
– unlike many other providers – so you can relax, knowing your loved one is in the best hands.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is England’s independent regulator of health and social care.

“We make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care, and we encourage care services to improve.”

Having the backing of the CQC gives you extra peace of mind. You know you are getting outstanding service from people passionate about the care they offer from a company that takes its responsibilities seriously.

What are the benefits of having live-in care from Promedica24?

  • We are a top-quality, fully-regulated care provider
  • Your loved one has the comfort and reassurance that comes with being in their own home
  • They receive 24/7 care giving total peace of mind
  • They will have a dedicated team of three carers who will stay with them for at least six weeks on rotation, creating familiarity and time to build trust.
  • You choose the level of service that best meets your needs, from companionship to complex care.
  • You will have an appointed Care Manager who will oversee your care providers and be on hand to deal with any issues
  • No upfront fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Total transparency in all we do
  • Quick turnaround time, giving you the support you need when you most need it
  • It only takes a phone call to get the ball rolling


What next?

If mum or dad are getting frail and starting to have falls, or your partner is suffering from a life-altering disease such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, and you can no longer cope alone, let us take the strain and sort everything out for you.

We will come and visit you, conduct an initial assessment and have an appropriate care package in place within a matter of days.

Relax. Call John on 01244 780065, and we’ll start the ball rolling.

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