Interviewing a Carer – Example Questions

The Role

  • Explain your role as a carer


  • Tell me about your experience as a carer.
  • What experience have you got?

Training and qualifications

  • What training and qualifications do you have?
  • How relevant are they to ……..?
  • What is the most useful thing you learned on that course/training?


  • Describe some of the challenges you’ve had as a carer
  • Explain why you responded in that way
  • Or Describe what you have done when a challenging situation or problem has occurred


  • How have you been able to ensure the best of care?
  • What standards do you work to and why?

Specific Needs

  • Describe your experience with Dementia/Parkinsons…….
  • What do you expect to encounter as a result of this particular diagnosis?
  • What have you encountered when dealing with this diagnosis with someone in your care?


  • How will you ensure that ……….. will be safe?


  • How have you ensured that your clients have been treated with dignity and respect?
  • Describe a situation when your patience has been tested, what did you do?
  • How have you been able to demonstrate your flexibility with clients?