“It’s about my Dad, Peter. He’s had a fall, spent a few days in hospital and is now in a care home”…. “They’re ok in there, but it isn’t home and he’s sad. Most of all he misses his pet dog, Gigi.”

I was brought up in dog-owning household. We had black Labradors – Zephyr, Lynnie and Judy over the years – and I understood Peter’s sadness at being parted. I guessed Gigi was missing her owner too (“yes, she is !”).

“The care home doesn’t allow pets” said Peter’s daughter Wendy. “is there any way you can get Dad back home?”. The answer to that was also “YES !”.

Ten days after this chat with Wendy, Peter returned to his Chester home and was reunited with his family and Gigi. Gigi turns out to be a delightful short-haired Dachshund and is wildly over-excited to see her owner.

There is a new member of the household too – Peter’s live-in carer Anna. Anna will be staying with Peter to ensure he can be independent at home. She will help with his morning routines, with cooking meals and shopping; managing Peter’s medications etc….. and she is really happy about looking after Gigi. Anna takes her for walks (with Peter if he is up to it), ensures she is fed and groomed and treats her like the princess she is.

I’m so proud that Promedica24 Chester & Cheshire has transformed three lives. Peter has an active, independent life back in his own home. Wendy has complete peace of mind that her Dad is cared for and safe – somebody is there around the clock. And Gigi is so clearly devoted to her owner. In Peter’s words “she is a happier dog than ever before”.

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